Commit eb4048f3 authored by Kenneth Andersson's avatar Kenneth Andersson
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JVET-T0064 Addition of ALF filter strength control to VTM

parent 166d4379
......@@ -61,6 +61,7 @@
#define JVET_R0193_S0141 1 // JVET-S0141 item 47 : item 47: In the general sub-bitstream extraction process, specify the conditions under which an output sub-bitstream is required to be a conforming bitstream such that the value of tIdTarget is specified to be in the range of 0 to vps_ptl_max_tid[ vps_ols_ptl_idx[ targetOlsIdx ] ], inclusive (instead of 0 to 6 inclusive). (JVET-S0158 aspect 1)
#define JVET_T0065_LEVEL_6_3 1 // JVET-T0065: Add level 6.3
#define JVET_T0091_LMCS_ENC_OVERFLOW_FIX 1 // JVET-T0091: LMCS encoder overflow fix at high bit-depth for SDR
#define JVET_T0064 1 // JVET-T0064: control of filter strength for ALF
#define JVET_S0163_ON_TARGETOLS_SUBLAYERS 1 // JVET-S0163: On target OLS and sublayers for decoding (OPI NAL Unit)
#define JVET_R0266_GCI 1 // JVET-R0266 #5: Specify that no_gdr_constraint_flag equal to 1 specifies that sps_gdr_enabled_flag shall be equal to 0
#define JVET_S0084_S0110_RADL 1 // When the current picture is a RADL picture, allow RASL pictures with pps_mixed_nalu_types_in_pic_flag is equal to 1 in active entries in RefPicList[ 0 ] or RefPicList[ 1 ]
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