Commit 10ee5b34 authored by Frank Bossen's avatar Frank Bossen
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Merge branch 'IBC_DEC_BV_CHECK' into 'master'

Add decoder validation check for IBC block vector

See merge request jvet/VVCSoftware_VTM!491
parents cf726611 ce31afe4
......@@ -822,6 +822,19 @@ void DecCu::xDeriveCUMV( CodingUnit &cu )
printf( "DECODER: pu motion vector across tile boundaries (%d,%d,%d,%d)\n", pu.lx(),, pu.lwidth(), pu.lheight() );
if (CU::isIBC(cu))
const int cuPelX = pu.Y().x;
const int cuPelY = pu.Y().y;
int roiWidth = pu.lwidth();
int roiHeight = pu.lheight();
const int picWidth = pu.cs->slice->getSPS()->getPicWidthInLumaSamples();
const int picHeight = pu.cs->slice->getSPS()->getPicHeightInLumaSamples();
const unsigned int lcuWidth = pu.cs->slice->getSPS()->getMaxCUWidth();
int xPred =[0].getHor()>>4;
int yPred =[0].getVer()>>4;
CHECK(!PU::isBlockVectorValid(pu, cuPelX, cuPelY, roiWidth, roiHeight, picWidth, picHeight, 0, 0, xPred, yPred, lcuWidth), "invalid block vector for IBC detected.");
//! \}
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