Commit 196a5462 authored by Christian Helmrich's avatar Christian Helmrich
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fix for issue #370 related to recent JVET_O1109_UNIFY_CRS merge

parent 42eae432
......@@ -2781,11 +2781,15 @@ ChromaCbfs IntraSearch::xRecurIntraChromaCodingQT( CodingStructure &cs, Partitio
if( doReshaping )
const Area area = currTU.Y().valid() ? currTU.Y() : Area(recalcPosition(currTU.chromaFormat, currTU.chType, CHANNEL_TYPE_LUMA, currTU.blocks[currTU.chType].pos()), recalcSize(currTU.chromaFormat, currTU.chType, CHANNEL_TYPE_LUMA, currTU.blocks[currTU.chType].size()));
const CompArea &areaY = CompArea(COMPONENT_Y, currTU.chromaFormat, area );
const CompArea &areaY = CompArea(COMPONENT_Y, currTU.chromaFormat, area);
int adj = m_pcReshape->calculateChromaAdjVpduNei(currTU, areaY);
PelBuf piPredY;
piPredY = cs.picture->getPredBuf(areaY);
const Pel avgLuma = piPredY.computeAvg();
int adj = m_pcReshape->calculateChromaAdj(avgLuma);
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