Commit 81a90a6d authored by Xiang Li's avatar Xiang Li
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Merge branch 'fix2' into 'master'

Use correct array size

See merge request jvet/VVCSoftware_VTM!816
parents 1a777113 01cdb729
......@@ -1972,7 +1972,7 @@ bool EncAppCfg::parseCfg( int argc, char* argv[] )
m_chromaQpMappingTableParams.m_numPtsInCQPTableMinus1[1] = (int)cfg_qpOutValCr.values.size()-1;
for (int i = 0; i < cfg_qpInValCb.values.size(); i++)
for (int i = 0; i < cfg_qpInValCr.values.size(); i++)
CHECK(cfg_qpInValCr.values[i] < -qpBdOffsetC || cfg_qpInValCr.values[i] > MAX_QP, "Some entries cfg_qpInValCr are out of valid range of -qpBdOffsetC to 63, inclusive.");
CHECK(cfg_qpOutValCr.values[i] < -qpBdOffsetC || cfg_qpOutValCr.values[i] > MAX_QP, "Some entries cfg_qpOutValCr are out of valid range of -qpBdOffsetC to 63, inclusive.");
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