Commit d8929527 authored by Xin Zhao's avatar Xin Zhao
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Bug-fix to the pipeline failure

parent ee4baa04
......@@ -486,11 +486,13 @@ void IntraSearch::estIntraPredLumaQT( CodingUnit &cu, Partitioner &partitioner,
double cost = ( double ) minSadHad + (double)fracModeBits * sqrtLambdaForFirstPass;
DTRACE(g_trace_ctx, D_INTRA_COST, "IntraHAD: %u, %llu, %f (%d)\n", minSadHad, fracModeBits, cost, uiMode);
double cost = ( double ) uiSad + ( double ) fracModeBits * sqrtLambdaForFirstPass;
DTRACE( g_trace_ctx, D_INTRA_COST, "IntraHAD: %u, %llu, %f (%d)\n", uiSad, fracModeBits, cost, uiMode );
updateCandList( uiMode, cost, uiRdModeList, CandCostList
, extendRefList, 0
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