Commit e594477e authored by Frank Bossen's avatar Frank Bossen
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Merge branch 'fixbuild1' into 'master'

Fix build

See merge request jvet/VVCSoftware_VTM!300
parents 65f5a45f 79ccca46
......@@ -995,7 +995,7 @@ void writeAllCodedData(const CodingStructure & cs, const UnitArea & ctuArea)
DTRACE_BLOCK_AFFINETF(g_trace_ctx, D_BLOCK_STATISTICS_CODED, pu, GetBlockStatisticName(BlockStatistic::AffineMVL1), mv[0].hor, mv[0].ver, mv[1].hor, mv[1].ver, mv[2].hor, mv[2].ver);
if (cu.cs->sps->getUseIMV() && CU::hasSubCUNonZeroMVd(cu))
if (cu.cs->sps->getAMVREnabledFlag() && CU::hasSubCUNonZeroMVd(cu))
DTRACE_BLOCK_SCALAR(g_trace_ctx, D_BLOCK_STATISTICS_CODED, cu, GetBlockStatisticName(BlockStatistic::IMVMode), cu.imv);
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