Commit 42cd3ca1 authored by Hendry's avatar Hendry

FixForR0270Implementation: Considering CRA that is preceded by EOS

parent 092bf370
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......@@ -173,10 +173,14 @@ uint32_t DecApp::decode()
xFlushOutput(pcListPic, nalu.m_nuhLayerId);
#if JVET_R0270
if (nalu.m_nalUnitType == NAL_UNIT_CODED_SLICE_TRAIL || nalu.m_nalUnitType == NAL_UNIT_CODED_SLICE_STSA)
if (m_cDecLib.getFirstSliceInPicture() && nalu.m_nalUnitType == NAL_UNIT_CODED_SLICE_CRA && isEosPresentInPu)
// Once the picture has TRAIL or or STSA slice, no more special treatment for new CLVS picture for the rest of
// pictures until new CLVS picture is received.
// A CRA that is immediately preceded by an EOS is a CLVSS
m_newCLVS[nalu.m_nuhLayerId] = true;
else if (m_cDecLib.getFirstSliceInPicture() && nalu.m_nalUnitType == NAL_UNIT_CODED_SLICE_CRA && !isEosPresentInPu)
// A CRA that is not immediately precede by an EOS is not a CLVSS
m_newCLVS[nalu.m_nuhLayerId] = false;
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