Commit acfb50b6 authored by Xiang Li's avatar Xiang Li

Merge branch 'fix1143' into 'master'

Fix #1143: Fix slice address range check

See merge request !1801
parents 56f2bee0 1732dd79
......@@ -3710,7 +3710,7 @@ void HLSyntaxReader::parseSliceHeader (Slice* pcSlice, PicHeader* picHeader, Par
int bitsSliceAddress = ceilLog2(currSubPic.getNumSlicesInSubPic());
READ_CODE(bitsSliceAddress, uiCode, "slice_address"); sliceAddr = uiCode;
CHECK(sliceAddr >= pps->getNumSlicesInPic(), "Invalid slice address");
CHECK(sliceAddr >= currSubPic.getNumSlicesInSubPic(), "Invalid slice address");
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