Commit e93da0d0 authored by Hendry's avatar Hendry

Commenting the invocation of checkNoOutputPriorPics

parent ca73efbb
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......@@ -2118,6 +2118,8 @@ bool DecLib::xDecodeSlice(InputNALUnit &nalu, int &iSkipFrame, int iPOCLastDispl
DTRACE_UPDATE( g_trace_ctx, std::make_pair( "poc", m_apcSlicePilot->getPOC() ) );
//This should be removed since this is not needed. Even before implementation of JVET-S0078, this codes never has effect since xFlushOutput has been called before this codes are executed.
if ((m_bFirstSliceInPicture ||
m_apcSlicePilot->getNalUnitType() == NAL_UNIT_CODED_SLICE_CRA ||
m_apcSlicePilot->getNalUnitType() == NAL_UNIT_CODED_SLICE_GDR) &&
......@@ -2126,7 +2128,7 @@ bool DecLib::xDecodeSlice(InputNALUnit &nalu, int &iSkipFrame, int iPOCLastDispl
setNoOutputPriorPicsFlag (false);
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