Commit 7fac2fcb authored by Zhipin Deng's avatar Zhipin Deng


parent ebe99bdf
......@@ -3255,7 +3255,6 @@ void HLSyntaxReader::parseSliceHeader (Slice* pcSlice, PicHeader* picHeader, Par
CHECK(pcSlice->getPictureHeaderInSliceHeader() && sps->getSubPicInfoPresentFlag() == 1, "When sps_subpic_info_present_flag is equal to 1, the value of sh_picture_header_in_slice_header_flag shall be equal to 0");
CHECK(pcSlice->getPictureHeaderInSliceHeader() && sps->getSeparateColourPlaneFlag() == 1, "when separate_colour_plane_flag is equal to 1, the value of picture_header_in_slice_header_flag shall be equal to 0");
const ChromaFormat chFmt = sps->getChromaFormatIdc();
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