Commit ebe99bdf authored by Zhipin Deng's avatar Zhipin Deng


parent aa4acf99
......@@ -77,7 +77,6 @@
#define JVET_R0041 1 // JVET-R0041: Picture types related constraints
#define JVET_R0064 1 // JVET-R0064, aspect 2: Move the flag scaling_matrix_for_lfnst_disabled_flag from the scaling_list_data( ) syntax to the SPS.
>>>>>>> 7873c1d5b6e9e49143927835c26869d018b93d61
#define JVET_Q0280_CONSTRAINT_ON_VPS_ID 1 // JVET-Q0280: Same VPS ID value across layers
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