Commit ac87c3ff authored by Christian Helmrich's avatar Christian Helmrich
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prevent potential overflows in square(), fix suggested by A. Wieckowski

parent 9623538e
......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ InvTrans *fastInvTrans[NUM_TRANS_TYPE][g_numTransformMatrixSizes] =
//! \{
#if JVET_O0105_ICT
int64_t square( int d ) { return d*d; }
static inline int64_t square( const int d ) { return d * (int64_t)d; }
template<int signedMode> std::pair<int64_t,int64_t> fwdTransformCbCr( const PelBuf &resCb, const PelBuf &resCr, PelBuf& resC1, PelBuf& resC2 )
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