Commit 701cf7e1 authored by Karl Sharman's avatar Karl Sharman
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Commented-out unused member variable.

parent bdb945b3
......@@ -127,11 +127,11 @@ class ProfileLevelTierFeatures
const ProfileFeatures *m_pProfile;
const LevelTierFeatures *m_pLevelTier;
UInt m_hbrFactor; // currently not used for checking
// UInt m_hbrFactor; // currently not used for checking
Level::Tier m_tier;
UInt m_maxRawCtuBits;
ProfileLevelTierFeatures() : m_pProfile(0), m_pLevelTier(0), m_hbrFactor(0), m_tier(Level::MAIN), m_maxRawCtuBits(0) { }
ProfileLevelTierFeatures() : m_pProfile(0), m_pLevelTier(0), m_tier(Level::MAIN), m_maxRawCtuBits(0) { }
Void activate(const Profile::Name profileIdc,
const UInt bitDepthConstraint,
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