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software manual updates for MCTS encoder constraints/decoder checks

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......@@ -2715,6 +2715,16 @@ If false the SEI applies to the current frame only.
\Default{false} &
When true (non-zero), generates example temporal motion constrained tile sets SEI messages.
\Option{SEITMCTSTileConstraint} &
\Default{false} &
When true (non-zero), the following encoding settings are enabled:
\item mc_all_tiles_exact_sample_value_match_flag and each_tile_one_tile_set_flag will be set equal to one int the temporal motion constrained tile sets SEI message
\item Motion vectors are constrained to not cross tile boundaries
\item TMVP and merge mode are constrained to not cross tile boundaries
\item LFCrossTileBoundaryFlag will be disabled
......@@ -3033,6 +3043,18 @@ When true, do not output frames for which there is an SEI NoDisplay message.
If 1 then clip output video to the Rec. 709 Range on saving when OutputBitDepth is less than InternalBitDepth.
\Option{TMCTSCheck} &
%\ShortOption{\None} &
\Default{0} &
Enables checking of temporal motion constraints (Merge/TMVP, motion vectors) at tile boundaries. Checks are enabled, if
\item a temporal motion constraint SEI is present in the bitstream
\item the SEI message contains mc_all_tiles_exact_sample_value_match_flag and each_tile_one_tile_set_flag equal to 1
\item TMCTSCheck is equal to 1
If violations are found, an error message is printed to stderr.
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