Commit 1036643d authored by Xiang Li's avatar Xiang Li

Merge branch 'cleanup_obsolete_code' into 'master'

Cleanup obsolete code

See merge request !387
parents 04aeeec8 d839d0af
Pipeline #1101 passed with stage
......@@ -1829,14 +1829,6 @@ void EncGOP::compressGOP( int iPOCLast, int iNumPicRcvd, PicList& rcListPic,
xUpdateRasInit( pcSlice );
// Do decoding refresh marking if any
if ( pcSlice->getPendingRasInit() || pcSlice->isIDRorBLA() )
if ( pcSlice->getPendingRasInit() )
// this ensures that independently encoded bitstream chunks can be combined to bit-equal
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