Commit 3b48a289 authored by Xiang Li's avatar Xiang Li

Merge branch 'BIO_EXTEND_BUG_FIX' into 'master'

bug fix in bioSampleExtendBilinearFilter

See merge request !128
parents 5b5b8574 f847d1b9
Pipeline #455 passed with stage
......@@ -1059,7 +1059,7 @@ void InterPrediction::bioSampleExtendBilinearFilter(Pel const* src, int srcStrid
Pel const* pSrc = NULL;
Pel* pDst = NULL;
int vFilterSize = NTAPS_LUMA;
int vFilterSize = NTAPS_BILINEAR;
int widthTmp = 0;
int heightTmp = 0;
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