Commit 56f9886a authored by Kenneth Andersson's avatar Kenneth Andersson

JVET-T0064: ¨rebased to master and also added valid range to be 0.0 <= ALFStrength 1.0

parent 1bbebb24
......@@ -1405,7 +1405,7 @@ bool EncAppCfg::parseCfg( int argc, char* argv[] )
( "ALF", m_alf, true, "Adaptive Loop Filter\n" )
#if JVET_T0064
("ALFStrength", m_alfStrength, 1.0, "Adaptive Loop Filter strength. The parameter scales the magnitudes of the ALF filter coefficients for both luma and chroma. Valid range is 0.0 <= ALFStrength <= 1.0")
( "CCALF", m_ccalf, true, "Cross-component Adaptive Loop Filter" )
( "CCALFQpTh", m_ccalfQpThreshold, 37, "QP threshold above which encoder reduces CCALF usage")
( "RPR", m_rprEnabledFlag, true, "Reference Sample Resolution" )
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