Commit a5635e10 authored by Karsten Suehring's avatar Karsten Suehring

Merge branch 'compile_fix2' into 'master'

fix compilation after merge of !114 (JVET-L0362)

See merge request !129
parents e9fe4302 3798fe99
Pipeline #445 passed with stage
......@@ -1094,7 +1094,7 @@ void EncModeCtrlMTnoRQT::initCULevel( Partitioner &partitioner, const CodingStru
cuECtx.set( IS_REUSING_CU, isReusingCu );
if( isReusingCu )
m_ComprCUCtxList.back().testModes.push_back( {ETM_RECO_CACHED, SIZE_2Nx2N, ETO_STANDARD, qp, lossless} );
m_ComprCUCtxList.back().testModes.push_back( {ETM_RECO_CACHED, ETO_STANDARD, qp, lossless} );
// add intra modes
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