Commit d4558e1a authored by Karsten Suehring's avatar Karsten Suehring

fix compilation when TRACE and JVET_M0883_TRIANGLE_SIGNALING are enabled

parent e9a4a4ff
......@@ -273,7 +273,11 @@ void CDTrace::dtrace_polygon_vector(int k, int poc, const std::vector<Position>
void retrieveTriangularMvInfo(const PredictionUnit& pu, MotionInfo& mi0, MotionInfo& mi1)
int triangleDir = pu.triangleSplitDir;
int triangleDir = g_triangleCombination[pu.mergeIdx][0];
CMotionBuf mb = pu.getMotionBuf();
bool foundMv[2] = { false, false };
bool foundBi = false;
......@@ -325,7 +329,11 @@ void retrieveTriangularMvInfo(const PredictionUnit& pu, MotionInfo& mi0, MotionI
void retrieveTrianglePolygon(const PredictionUnit& pu, std::vector<Position>& triangle0, std::vector<Position>& triangle1, Position& S, Position& E)
TriangleSplit triangleDir = TriangleSplit(pu.triangleSplitDir);
TriangleSplit triangleDir = TriangleSplit(g_triangleCombination[pu.mergeIdx][0]);
Position TL = pu.Y().topLeft();
Position TR = pu.Y().topRight(); TR = TR.offset(1, 0);
Position BL = pu.Y().bottomLeft(); BL = BL.offset(0, 1);
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