VTM version 9.2


  • JVET-R0042: SubPicture types related constraints
  • JVET-Q0398: Sublayer Dependency (max_tid_il_ref_pics)
  • JVET-R0066: Signal ols_dpb_chroma_format[ i ] and ols_dpb_bitdepth_minus8[ i ] in the VPS,...
  • JVET-P0359: Implementation of the parameter sets inclusion indication SEI message
  • JVET-R0062: Changes on uniform tile and rectangular slice partitioning
  • JVET-R0068: Aspect 1 - slice_type constraint and Aspect 6 - signalling of conformance window parameters
  • JVET-R0067: Update the derivation of PictureOutputFlag
  • JVET-R0101 Proposal 2: Bug fix for signalling some syntax elements length
  • JVET-R0041: Picture types related constraints
  • JVET-R0065: Add a flag aud_irap_or_gdr_au_flag to the AUD, and check the completeness of the first AU of a CVS
  • JVET-R0122: Conditional signaling of PicOutputFlag depending on non_ref_pic_flag
  • JVET-R0351: High bit depth coding
  • JVET-R0118: Constraint flag on PH in SH
  • JVET-R0184: Wraparound for Subpictures
  • JVET-R0080: Change the syntax condition for pps_tile_idx_delta_present_flag
  • JVET-N0278: HLS for immersive media delivery and access requirementvarious bug fixes
  • Support for dependent layer IDR pictures using B slices
  • various bug fixes and cleanups