Commit b380e39f authored by Karsten Suehring's avatar Karsten Suehring
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Merge branch 'JVET_R0131' into 'master'

JVET-R0131: Revert JVET-Q0471

See merge request jvet/VVCSoftware_VTM!1540
parents ff225093 c7aefb95
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
#define JVET_R0233_CCALF_LINE_BUFFER_REDUCTION 1 // JVET-R0233 method 2: Line buffer reduction for CCALF
#define JVET_Q0471_CHROMA_QT_SPLIT 1 // JVET-Q0471: Chroma QT split
#define JVET_Q0471_CHROMA_QT_SPLIT 0 // JVET-Q0471: Chroma QT split, reverted by JVET-R0131
#define JVET_R0208_ALF_VB_ROUNDING_FIX 1 // JVET-R0208: Rounding offset fix for ALF virtual boundary processing
#define JVET_R0232_CCALF_APS_CONSTRAINT 1 // JVET-R0232 section 3.2: APS contraint for CCALF
#define JVET_R0210_NUMTILESINSLICE_SIGNALLING 1 // JVET-R0210 section 3.3: Don't signal NumTilesInSlice syntax element when numTilesInPic - slice_address is 1.
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