Commit bf0df444 authored by Vadim Seregin's avatar Vadim Seregin

fixed typos

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......@@ -709,7 +709,7 @@ void Slice::checkRPL(const ReferencePictureList* pRPL0, const ReferencePictureLi
CHECK( isGeneratedRefPic, "There shall be no picture referred to by an entry in RefPicList[ 0 ] or RefPicList[ 1 ] that was generated by the decoding process for generating unavailable reference pictures for the IRAP or GDR picture containing the IRAP or GDR subpicture associated with the current subpicture" );
// conformance ocntraints for active reference pictures
// conformance constraints for active reference pictures
if( i < m_aiNumRefIdx[refPicList] )
if( m_iAssociatedIRAP < m_iPOC )
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