Commit 93e5638b authored by Karsten Suehring's avatar Karsten Suehring
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Merge branch 'fixhbd1' into 'master'

Fix compilation when JVET_R0351_HIGH_BIT_DEPTH_ENABLED is set to 1

See merge request jvet/VVCSoftware_VTM!2014
parents a1b6cab2 394c7061
......@@ -621,7 +621,7 @@ template<X86_VEXT vext, int N, bool shiftBack>
static void simdInterpolateVerM8( const int16_t *src, int srcStride, int16_t *dst, int dstStride, int width, int height, int shift, int offset, const ClpRng& clpRng, int16_t const *coeff )
// src -= ( N / 2 - 1 ) * srcStride;
const Pel *srcOrig = src;
const int16_t *srcOrig = src;
int16_t *dstOrig = dst;
__m128i vcoeff[N / 2], vsrc[N];
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