Commit c9825e17 authored by Frank Bossen's avatar Frank Bossen
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Disable JVET_M0445_MCTS

A substantial coding loss is observed in CTC starting at commit
c52f46f0 (!362) which relates to
M0445. Fastest fix is to disable the feature
parent 8c767992
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@
#define JVET_M0111_WP_GBI 1 // Block level control gbi according to WP
#define JVET_M0445_MCTS 1 // Motion constrained tile sets
#define JVET_M0445_MCTS 0 // Motion constrained tile sets
#if JVET_M0445_MCTS
#define JVET_M0445_MCTS_DEC_CHECK 1 // Check at decoder side the MCTS restrictions
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