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    New version targeting more generic conversion · e6a55a80
    Franck Galpin authored
    - refactoring of converter: unique entry point is now an ONNX file
    - generic converter for multi memory layout (NCHW/NHWC). Every models is transformed in NHWC in SADL. Complex graph layouts are still work in progress.
    - added minimal support for 2 new layers (Transpose/Flatten) in order to deal with ONNX data layout adaptation
    - added MAC counters (accurate only in generic build)
    - make gemm more generic on the stride to benefit from compiler vectorization opportunities
    - new simpler sample program: two examples (tf2/pytorch) of a simple classifier provided
    - updated license headers
    - minor corrections and cleaning
    - remove the MACRO hack for classes inspection
    - improve print of tensors
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