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Fix: Array out of bound at the 3x3 array m_auiMVPIdxCost, when --DMVD=0

In a non-CTC case when --DMVD=0 and JVET_Y0129_MVD_SIGNAL_AMVP_MERGE_MODE=1, estimating mvpidx bits using the 3x3 array m_auiMVPIdxCost could trigger array out of bound error. In the function PU::fillMvpCand, the AMVP list size of AMVP merge mode could become 3 when --DMVD=0; however, m_auiMVPIdxCost can only handle AMVP list size of 2 and smaller. Thus, expanding the array size of m_auiMVPIdxCost to accommodate larger AMVP list is necessary to fix this array-out-of-bound error.

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