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Fix: decoder crashes when JVET_AA0061_IBC_MBVD=1, JVET_AA0070_RRIBC=0 and --AML=0

The decoder crashes in a non-CTC condition when macros JVET_AA0061_IBC_MBVD=1 and JVET_AA0070_RRIBC=0 and config --AML=0. The decoder crash occurs at the first picture of all class F and TGM sequences with the error message "invalid block vector for IBC detected" reported by the function DecCu::xDeriveCUMV. This is caused from that when setting JVET_AA0061_IBC_MBVD=1 and JVET_AA0070_RRIBC=0, the ECM SW (dbbcc02d) does not always check pu.cs->sps->getUseAML() before calling InterPrediction::adjustIBCMergeCandidates, resulting in encoder/decoder mismatching and invalid BV.

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