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Fix mismatching when TM_MRG=1 with BASE_NORMATIVE=0 and TOOLS=0, and fix compilation error when MULTI_PASS_DMVR=0

Chun-Chi Chen requested to merge chunchic/ECM:FixTMMismatching into master

(1) In ECM, xSubPuBio would be called during MC only when BASE_NORMATIVE=0 (which implies BDOF_RM_CONSTRAINTS=0). It requires accessing spanned motion field to get MVs for BDOF operations. However, encoder does not span TM-refined motion before MC performs while decoder does, triggering mismatching between encoder and decoder. This mismatching issue can be reproduced by "-c ./tool-on/encoder_randomaccess_vtm.cfg -c BQSquare.cfg --SEIDecodedPictureHash=1 -ip 64 -q 27 -ts 1 -f 65 -fs 64"

(2) Fix compilation error when MULTI_PASS_DMVR=0

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