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Bugfixes for PU::clusterBvpCand and CABACReader::mvsdIdxFunc

Chun-Chi Chen requested to merge chunchic/ecm-4:ECM8-PreX2-Bugfix into master

Bugfixes for PU::clusterBvpCand and CABACReader::mvsdIdxFunc.

The first bug is that pInfo->mvCand[1] may not refer to the best Bv of Group 2, when the first forloop in the funciton iterates to i=1 with validCand[1]=false. In the case, the forloop bypasses all the processes and continues iterating to i=2, and thus the best Bv of Group 2 is not stored at pInfo->mvCand[1], but somewhere beyond.

The second bug is that the macro, JVET_AC0104_IBC_BVD_PREDICTION, does not guard every thing it adds to ECM SW. This bugfix is lossless change to CTC.

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