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Fix DebugBitsteram bug 4 reported in the issue #50

Gleb Verba requested to merge gverba/ECM:FIX_DEBUGBITSTREAM into master

The list of issues is here: Debug bitstream functionality broken (#50) · Issues · ECM / ECM · GitLab (

Bug 4 fixed

The removed code was introduced in merge U0100 (618df00a) · Commits · ECM / ECM · GitLab (

Strings 3791-3793 contain the same code for (encPic && sps_alf_enabled_flag), while the removed code is later executed for (encPic || decPic), which is redundant for encPic and not needed for decPic: in case of DebugBitstream (decPic==true) this was in fact overwriting parsed values with initial values. Removing it solves the problem.

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