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Fix for decoder debug for JVET-AG0098

Kenneth Andersson requested to merge Kenneth/ECM:Fix_debug_JVET_AG0098 into master

RPR has encoder and decoder mismatch with the master. To enable debugging of the RPR issue another issue needs to be fixed first. The debug and the release mode of the decoder give different outputs. On the encoder side "setAmvpSbTmvpEnabledFlag" is set to false when "Slice->getPicHeader()->getEnableTMVPFlag()" is false. This do not happen on the decoder side. The fix set "setAmvpSbTmvpEnabledFlag" to false when "Slice->getPicHeader()->getEnableTMVPFlag()" is false. This change makes debug and release mode to give same output so that further debugging can be made of the encoder decoder mismatch for RPR.

Example to see that RPR has encoder decoder mismatch can be detected by enabling config parameters RPR and RPRFunctionalityTesting on BQSquare in random access configuration. Suspects that issue is somehow related to JVET-AG0164. At least when trying to disable the macro JVET_AG0164_AFFINE_GPM the encoder stops before completion.

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