Commit 58a26de5 authored by Karsten Suehring's avatar Karsten Suehring

Merge branch 'fix_ticket141' into 'master'

Fix ticket #141 Memory release problem in HMVP

See merge request !141
parents a86ab09c 1b94c3f1
Pipeline #479 passed with stage
......@@ -192,20 +192,20 @@ void EncCu::destroy()
delete[] m_pTempMotLUTs[w][h]->motionCand;
m_pTempMotLUTs[w][h]->motionCand = nullptr;
delete[] m_pTempMotLUTs[w][h];
delete m_pTempMotLUTs[w][h];
if (m_pBestMotLUTs[w][h])
delete[] m_pBestMotLUTs[w][h]->motionCand;
m_pBestMotLUTs[w][h]->motionCand = nullptr;
delete[] m_pBestMotLUTs[w][h];
delete m_pBestMotLUTs[w][h];
if (m_pSplitTempMotLUTs[w][h])
delete[] m_pSplitTempMotLUTs[w][h]->motionCand;
m_pSplitTempMotLUTs[w][h]->motionCand = nullptr;
delete[] m_pSplitTempMotLUTs[w][h];
delete m_pSplitTempMotLUTs[w][h];
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