Commit f51b10a7 authored by Guillaume Laroche's avatar Guillaume Laroche

Merge branch 'JVET-L0191' of...

Merge branch 'JVET-L0191' of into JVET-L0191
parents fe257605 aa070bb0
......@@ -104,7 +104,12 @@ protected:
void destroy ();
void xFilterGroup ( Pel* pMulDst[], int i, Pel const* const piSrc, int iRecStride, bool bAboveAvaillable, bool bLeftAvaillable);
#if JVET_L0191_LM_WO_LMS
void xGetLMParameters (const PredictionUnit &pu, const ComponentID compID, const CompArea &chromaArea, int &a,
int &b, int &iShift);
void xGetLMParameters(const PredictionUnit &pu, const ComponentID compID, const CompArea& chromaArea, int& a, int& b, int& iShift);
virtual ~IntraPrediction();
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