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Fix for #572: fix perceptual QP adaptation for unequal Cb and Cr QP offsets and in combination with JCCR

see ticket

In the case of unequal Cb and Cr QP offsets, the following encoder functions may, according to my understanding, work suboptimally:

  • rate control (if pCfg->getUseRateCtrl() in encodeCtus(), not sure if this is used)
  • perceptual QPA with chroma QP adaptation (e.g., if pCfg->getUsePerceptQPA() && pcSlice->getPPS()->getUseDQP() in encodeCtus())
  • SBT fast algorithm (InterSearch::calcMinDistSbt() called in xEncodeInterResidual()).

The last case is NOT fixed by this merge request since it would affect the HDR class 1 CTCs. See the attached hdr__vtm6_vs_vtm6withFix572.xlsm

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