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Fix#1174: wrong lambda for classH1 PQ coding with LumaLevelToDeltaQPMode=1 (nonCTC)

Taoran Lu requested to merge tlu/VVCSoftware_VTM:fix_lumaQP into master

classH1 PQ coding with non-CTC setting LumaLevelToDeltaQPMode=1 is not working properly after merging of MR1126 to fix rate control. (!1126 (merged)).

A condition check is added: when encoder uses LumaLevelToDeltaQPMode=1 in non-CTC tests, the lambda adjustment made by MR1126 should not apply. This fix improves nonCTC class H1 coding performance(wPSNRY,wPSNRU,wPSNRV: -3.42% 1.03% -1.87% based on VTM9.0) with LumaLevelToDeltaQPMode=1.

No impact to CTC.

Edited by Taoran Lu

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